Stainless Steel Floor Box - Round Lid



1 x No. auto switch GPO

Box Size:

95 mm Dia. x 50 mm Deep

Lid Material:

Stainless Steel 130 mm Dia.


100 mm Dia. x 60 mm Core or
100 x 100 mm x 60 mm Deep

Key Features

  • The FB130 ‘Round’ Floor Outlet box features a solid 1.5 mm thick stainless steel frame and lid with spring closer.
  • Complete with 1 No. single auto switch GPO.
  • The cover bevels down to a fine edge and is suitable for use with carpet, polished floor boards, ceramic tiles and vinyl floor coverings.
  • Gasket surrounding GPO to prevent ingress of dust when lid is in the closed position.
  • Comes compete with low profile round floor box body (95 mm Diameter x 50 mm Deep).
  • 4 No. 25 mm Diameter conduit entries to side and 1 No. 25/32 mm Diameter combined conduit entry to base.
  • Lid assembly is compatible as a replacement for similar existing plastic round floor box lids.
  • This product has been examined in accordance with AS 3000 and conforms to A.C.M.A. requirements.


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