PROTECTOR™SERIES Flush Floor Box Round, Flush, Stainless Steel



4 Standard sized plates

Box Size:

298mm Diameter

Lid Surface Size:

325mm Diameter

Material Finish:

Stainless 304- No.4 linished

Suitable for:

Cat6 & Cat7A Cabling

Key Features

  • Flush Protector™ Series Stainless Steel Lid and Frame with No. 4 Linished finish.
  • Protector™ Series features – Cable Shield® Frame assembly to prevent cables being cut. (Patent Certified 2017100897 & Patent Pending 2015204344)
  • Cable retainer for easy cable management.
  • The circular design of the canister and lid allows this box to be installed into existing concrete slabs. Simply core cut the appropriate size core hole and drop the floor box into position. No need to over cut and scabble square holes.
  • Capacity for 4 standard outlet plates (2 x double power & 2 x Data and/or A.V.).
  • Robust and large capacity cable exit flap with retracing lifting handle.
  • Suitable for Category 6A & 7A data cabling with generous bend radius capacity.
  • Suitable for Audio / Video outlets including VGA, HDMI, USB, etc.
  • 304 Grade Solid Stainless Steel.
  • Supplied with temporary construction lid.
  • Option to fit cam lock if required.


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