Power, data, HDMI and dual USB charging options available


120 x 120 x 80mm high.

Suitable for:

USB & Wireless Charging optional


Available in 5 colours; White, Black, Grey, Red and Blue

Key Features

  • Four gang unit with a combination of power, data, HDMI and dual USB charging options available.
  • Optional Qi standard wireless phone charging for all compatible mobile phones. Simply place your wireless charging enabled device on the wireless charging module and it will begin charging. Product Code: OasisWC
  • Can be supplied as either a portable station or secured to a work surface through an 80mm grommet hole.
  • Size is 120 x 120 x 80mm high.
  • Options for soft wired or with a flex and 3 pin plug.
  • Standard colours: White, black, grey, red and blue.
  • Note: Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Google, LG, Motorola and Sony offer wireless charging as standard Some models may require the addition of a receiver coil. Apple phones need to be fitted with a thin Qi case.


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