PROTECTOR™ SERIES Flush Floor Box - Recessed Stainless Steel



8 x auto switch G.P.O’s (supplied) & 2 standard sized Data plates

Box Size:

240 x 240 x 110mm Deep


Cable Shield™ Frame

Lid Material:

Stainless 304 – No. 4 Linished


6mm Deep

Suitable for:

Cat. 6A & 7A Cabling

Key Features

  • Recessed “Protector” Series Stainless Steel Lid and Frame with 6mm rebate for floor finish
    (typically carpet or vinyl).
  • ‘Protector’ Series features
    • Cable Shield™ Frame assembly to prevent cables being cut (Patent Pending)
    • Soft close lid to stop lid from slamming shut
    • Cable retainer for easy cable management
  • Robust and large capacity cable exit flap with retractable lifting handle.
  • Capacity for 8 Auto Switch G.P.O.’s (supplied) & 2 standard Data plates.
  • Suitable for category 6A and 7A data cabling with generous bend radius capacity.
  • Suitable for Audio / Video outlets including VGA, HDMI, USB, etc.
  • 304 Grade Solid Stainless Steel with No. 4 linished finish.
  • Modular box body and lid design, interchangeable with plastic and other lids in the ECD floor box range.
  • Supplied with temporary construction lid.
  • Option to fit cam lock if required


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