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ECD specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Skirting Ducts, Floor & Wall Ducts, Floor Boxes, Service Posts, Pedestal Outlets, Lighting Trunks, Soft Wiring & Accessories, Umbilicals and Monitor Arms & CPU Supports. With a large product range and distribution network, ECD can provide quality products and support – locally, nationally and internationally.

With our CAD facilities, our in-house research and development division can assist our customers with purpose-built products. Our design capabilities incorporate over 30 years of experience and product knowledge in cable management. If you cannot find a product to suit your needs within our range, feel free to approach us and we will engineer a solution.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and machinery include press brakes, guillotines, routers, power presses and fabrication saws, enabling us to custom build products as per our customer’s requirements.

At ECD we are passionate about our work, we are professional and maintain the highest service levels – the person who takes your order takes care of you until the product is delivered. Our delivery times are unparalleled and we offer a quality product, with excellent service, at a fair price – why not give us a go?


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